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We care about our clients and their families. Take a look at some positive feedback for Legacy Wealth Advisors.
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Case Studies

Case Study 1

Family A were not brought up with wealth themselves. They worked hard over many years and were able to create wealth to give them financial security and have since retired. Wealth preservation is important to this family, as they require the funds to provide for their retirement.

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Case Study 2

This client is a second-generation wealth owner and, being the eldest child of an Asian family, has been tasked with the responsibility of organizing the wealth management & succession plan for the family. The client and her siblings already have children of their own so ensuring a smooth transition to the third generation and beyond is important.

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Case Study 3

Client C has been retired for some years and relies on receiving funds from his portfolios to meet his living requirements. Wealth preservation is therefore important and he also wants to ensure a smooth transition of wealth to his children. As there is a change in his tax status on the horizon, it was timely to consider how his portfolios are held to ensure a smooth succession of wealth and to consider any tax planning which may be suitable.

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Case Study 4

Client D is an active business owner and entrepreneur. He enjoys being active in following investments. We were able to work with him to advise on a portfolio covering the US, Europe & Asia markets.

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“Elizabeth and I have a long-standing relationship which started many years ago. It was always a pleasure working alongside Elizabeth. Always helpful, positive, honest (to the point!), reliable and a ‘good ear’ in times of an extremely stressful and demanding working environment. Elizabeth’s approach to managing her family life, business, and her clients, and specifically too her approach to our family situation and circumstances has been inspirational. For me too, it has been great to develop trust and a friendship alongside the business relationship, and on top of this, some very timely life guidance’ which helped me manage the transition from living in Singapore to Portugal. We have seen first-hand evidence of Elizabeth’s client focus, and her being willing to go the ‘extra mile’ to help us as a family client. I know my family is in good hands in respect of the objective and professional management of our private wealth.”

Europe 2024

“Elizabeth’s expertise, industry knowledge and trusted support network of specialists have played a foundational role in setting up my financial future. Elizabeth has crafted a solution which is totally customised to my needs. She has the deep and expansive knowledge to ask critical questions and then follow up with concrete actions to implement.

In addition to her professionalism, her personable and patient approach means she is always open and responsive to any questions you have. I can now, in partnership with Elizabeth, look forward to a certain financial future.”

Mrs KM
Singapore 2024

“Elizabeth very much puts her clients first to achieve the best outcomes for them. She’s very thorough and diligent in her approach but also inspirational in the way she looks outside the traditional well-being of clients from a financial perspective, looking very much at their emotional well-being and that of their family to achieve the best outcome for intergenerational succession planning and to preserve family harmony and wealth. I think she’s very inspirational and one of the best leaders I’ve worked with in the succession and wealth management space.”

James Whiley
Partner Hall & Wilcox, Australia

“I’ve known Elizabeth for many years, she’s really professional in whatever she does, she’s innovative and always puts clients first. She has a passion for inspiring women in the wealth management space. I highly recommend that you get in touch with Elizabeth and Legacy Wealth Advisors.”

Linda Wong
Managing Director of JTC Kensington, Singapore

“Recently I have followed with interest Elizabeth’s evolution in providing holistic wealth management, family succession and wellness service. Too often these services are fragmented among different providers and I believe Elizabeth has taken a very innovative step in bringing these services together under one roof. I particularly like Elizabeth’s values-based and transparent approach which always seeks to keep the best long-term interests of the client. Elizabeth Hart is a highly respected and inspirational leader in the wealth management industry and her energy and enthusiasm continue to drive Legacy Wealth Advisors impressive growth.”

Ken Whitney
Executive Director of Antipodes Trust Group Limited, New Zealand

“Elizabeth is extremely client-focused and I would say she excels in getting to know the client and what their pain points are. She really takes the time to understand them and their family dynamics which I think is absolutely fantastic. She’s a real seasoned professional, and she’s very well-regarded in the market. The top thing about Elizabeth is that she’s a real champion of other women in wealth, like me more sort of junior women who are coming up through the ranks, and for that, I am eternally grateful.”

Suzanne Johnson
Partner at Stephenson Harwood LLP, Singapore

“I have known Elizabeth for over 15 years now and we have worked together in many different forms and roles in many different companies. I have always found Elizabeth to be an inspirational woman, she has always followed her dreams. She has backed herself and built a business both in private wealth management and in wellbeing and family office wellbeing which I think is a critical niche that doesn’t otherwise exist. She has always put her clients first, thinking laterally about their needs and she has greatly innovated primarily with combining private wealth management and wellbeing.”

Astrid Raetze
Principal and Director ABML Legal, Australia

“Elizabeth has always stayed positive and optimistic. She believes in empowering her staff and has always been a good mentor to me over these 7 years. She’s full of confidence and she believes in building trust in her team. She works very closely with the investment manager to strategise the portfolio for the client and grow their pot. I believe her success is not a destination but a journey for her, Elizabeth is client first and a successful woman in wealth management.”

Fiona Foo
Past Team Member, Singapore

“I’ve always been impressed with Elizabeth’s professional manner and her focus on achieving the best outcomes for her clients. In my various capacities, I’ve been able to collaborate with Elizabeth in providing support to mutual high-net-worth clients. In this context, Elizabeth displays a wealth of knowledge and experience in wealth management and family offices. She always operates with a high level of independence and adopts her client-first approach in everything that she does.”

Joff Macleod
Managing Director at Terra Australis Advisory, Australia

“Working with Elizabeth Hart has always been a truly wonderful experience. With her expertise and knowledge, her warmth and her holistic approach, she really brings another dimension to the private client world. I truly wish Elizabeth every success that she truly deserves.”

Karen O’Hanlon
Executive Director of RFS, Jersey

“Elizabeth serves her clients very well and has built strong relationships with them, always putting her client’s needs first. I can see that from the relationships that she has built, and so I am fully in support of her.”

Edmund Leow
Senior Partner at Dentons Rodyk & Davidson LLP, Singapore

“I have known and worked with Elizabeth Hart for over 10 years in various capacities.  Elizabeth’s professional, caring and bespoke manner towards all client scenarios is one to be admired.  Elizabeth is well deserving of all credit.  The career path, knowledge and contacts Elizabeth has obtained over the years is an inspiration to younger women in the wealth management industry.  The unique, holistic approach that Legacy Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd has to family groups and the forward-thinking approach is one in which I share and look forward to continuing to work with into the future.”

Ilana Kramarov
Managing Director, Torque Tax

“Hi Elizabeth, I can’t express how thankful I am that I found you and how appreciative I am of your expertise, knowledge and support.”

Mrs KM
Singapore 2024

“Thank you for your work so far. You’ve been really helpful in laying down the road map of where we should take our family office. We might need your counsel from time to time in the future, so will reach out for your assistance in those times. Thank you again!”

Singapore 2022

“Congratulations to you for creating an even more holistic offering for your clients. I personally think this is great. Clients will love it.”

Head of Private Banking

“Your combination of the 3 areas with the aim to increase harmony is definitely bringing the business to the next level, great idea.”

Senior Private Banker

“You are taking relationship management to a new level. Advisors say they care but you are showing you care.”

Martin Rimmer St James’ Place

“Elizabeth is a competent senior private banker, determined and very able to deliver.”

Private Bank, Zurich

“I have known Elizabeth Hart for more than 10 years in my capacity as Market Head. During her employment, Elizabeth led the Singapore office with numerous employees, whom she managed fairly and outstandingly. Collaboration with Elizabeth has always been excellent and professional. Elizabeth has in-depth knowledge in the industry, on the operational side, as well as on current markets. Elizabeth has looked after large private banking clients with care and reliability. Elizabeth has been esteemed by clients and colleagues alike for her professionalism and integrity.”

Rothschild & Co Bank AG
Head of Private Banking

“I have known Elizabeth since 2007. Elizabeth knew I was going to retire from work and very quickly understood that the most important aspect of her work as my advisor was to protect my wealth, not just try and make more money, unlike many other private bankers I met along the way.

Returning to live in the UK with its complex tax structures for non-domiciled individuals, Elizabeth went about restructuring my portfolio with the help of UK tax advisors, and eventually made it more tax efficient.

Her final move has allowed her the freedom to place me in the centre of her advisory world and included a lot of work on Discretionary Trusts and Life Insurance products, to help protect my wealth long into the future.

The testament of my faith and trust in Elizabeth and her commitment to me and my family is that I have retained her services irrespective of the illustrious institutions that she has left behind.”

Mr HT, 2020

“I have known Elizabeth Hart for 24 years as both a client and a family friend.

Over the years, I have watched with admiration as Elizabeth has grown in her various roles from being a private banker in London when we first met to being a business leader in Singapore, establishing and leading the Rothschild South East Asia business for 12 years until 2016 and now with a family office.

Elizabeth is an accomplished leader who has a detailed understanding of wealth management and trust matters. She is well regarded by her colleagues and has the highest level of integrity.

Elizabeth has always been dedicated to providing an outstanding level of service to clients which is tailored to their needs. She always goes the extra mile, beyond what is expected, to make her clients and business associates feel special.”

Mr KW, 2019