Legacy Wealth Advisors provide independent advisory services for individuals and families who wish to preserve and grow their wealth and ensure a smooth transition of wealth to a prepared next generation.
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Our Story

Legacy Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd was founded in 2020 in response to demand from clients for highly professional independent advisors, professional protectors and directors to support wealth preservation and succession planning.

After over 30 years in the finance and wealth management industry, our founders realised there was a need to support families with wealth preservation and succession planning in a holistic way. 

We created Legacy Wealth Advisory to provide an independent, holistic succession planning service to help families to preserve their wealth for generations. 

Our business evolved during the global pandemic as we asked ourselves ‘How else can we add value to our clients?’  We developed a unique holistic approach and a new business model for the industry. 

We proudly now provide independent advice across wealth management, succession planning & family wellness to bring clients a truly holistic service.  

If you’re looking for a prudent investment strategy or ready to create a robust succession plan for your family that will be effective for many years to come, book a call with Legacy Wealth Advisors today.

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Ensure the smooth transition of wealth to a prepared next generation

We believe the key elements to protect family wealth for the long-term are:

Our Mission

Legacy Wealth Advisors’ mission is to make a difference in our clients’ lives.

We seek to raise industry standards and put clients back at the centre of wealth management & legacy planning.

We have developed a uniquely innovative approach.  We provide independent holistic advice to families on wealth management, succession planning & family wellness to bring clients a truly holistic offering.

We aim to give clients peace of mind, by knowing they have a trusted long-term partner working for them.  We provide bespoke services to help families to preserve and grow their wealth, ensure a smooth transition of wealth, enhance family harmony, support the well-being of individual family members and prepare the rising generation to be future wealth owners.

It’s a tall order but we are on a mission to make it happen. As we continue to witness the meaningful impact we are having in our clients’ lives, it drives us to succeed.

Our Values

Client First

Legacy Wealth Advisors’ Investment Philosophy

“It requires a great deal of boldness and a great deal of caution to make a great fortune; and when you have got it, it requires ten times as much wit to keep it.” – Meyer Rothschild.

We have seen from our clients that it takes a huge amount of time and effort to create wealth, however, this wealth can be lost so easily, with a fraction of the time and effort that it took to create it.

“From Sandals to Sandals in Three Generations”

There are variations of this old proverb in many cultures around the world. It relates to wealth only lasting for three generations.

The often-repeated pattern sees the first generation start out wearing sandals, as they are without wealth and often without an education. The best opportunity for this generation is to be entrepreneurs. They work hard and make great sacrifices to create wealth for their family.

The second generation is born into wealth, has a good education and often has a very different lifestyle from their parents. The third generation is brought up with wealth and does not witness the hard work that went into creating it. This generation consumes the wealth and the family is soon back to wearing sandals.

At Legacy Wealth Advisors, we focus on wealth preservation and prudent growth. We find that clients who come to us have typically taken significant risk in creating wealth. They are therefore not usually looking for us to take extremely high risks to try to double their wealth again. Instead, they are looking for us to protect, preserve and prudently grow their wealth.

Investment markets can be volatile and managing a client portfolio can feel like steering a ship through a stormy ocean. There are many risks out there. We can see some of these risks, like black clouds on the horizon. Others are less obvious but we know they are out there just out of sight. Our investment philosophy is that we don’t try to time the market to avoid the storm. Instead, we focus on building the ship sturdy enough to weather any storm.

Our clients appreciate our investment philosophy, they share our values and are grateful for our paced & measured guidance through good times and bad times.

Our Leadership Team

Wealth Transition Advisor

Elizabeth Hart

CEO and Founder
Elizabeth has a successful career in finance with over 30 years of experience in the wealth management & trust industry. She has developed a unique holistic approach to advising clients on wealth, succession and wellness.
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Wealth Transition Advisor

Alan Hart

Managing Director and Founder
Alan is a chartered surveyor and has been a property expert for over 30 years. He has spent his career advising international pension funds and listed blue-chip property companies on investment strategy and portfolio development. He is currently the chairman of a Singapore property company.
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Investment Committee

Wealth Transition Advisor

Elizabeth Hart

Investment Committee Chair
Elizabeth has a successful career in finance with over 30 years of experience in the wealth management & trust industry. She has developed a unique holistic approach to advising clients on wealth, succession and wellness.
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Noli De Pala

Investment Committee Member
Noli has worked in the financial services industry across four continents for over 35 years. He joined Singapore asset manager TriLake Partners as their chief investment officer in 2016. Noli has taught Advanced Investment Management in the University of the Philippines’s masteral program in Finance.
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Gary Dugan

Investment Committee Member
Gary Dugan is CEO of The Global CIO Office based in Dubai. He is a seasoned investment professional with 41 years of experience working in Managing Director roles at some of the world’s leading Banks and Wealth Managers.
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In our view, wealth is about more than money. It’s about empowering individuals to be in harmony with themselves, their family and the world around them.

Do you feel that your children could be more prepared for being future wealth owners?

Do you feel that you could enhance certain areas of your wellbeing, such as your mindset, your physical health, your relationships, your wealth, your emotions or your spiritual wellbeing?

If so, visit our group company website www.thelifeacademygroup.com.