The Legacy Group

The Legacy Group provides independent holistic advice on wealth preservation, succession planning and pro-active wellbeing support to families. Our experienced team empowers families to ensure enduring harmony for a smooth transition of wealth to a prepared next generation.

Legacy Wealth Advisors

Legacy Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd provides independent and professional wealth management & trust expertise to wealthy families to support legacy and succession planning.

The Life Academy

The Life Academy Pte Ltd coaches families on enhancing relationships to ensure harmony through generations. We also empower individual family members in all aspects of wellbeing to live with purpose and to prepare the next generation to be future wealth owners.

Our Story

Elizabeth Hart ACIB, TEP, MSID (Founder & Managing Director)

I am pleased to share my journey to founder & CEO of Legacy Wealth Advisors. I have been looking after private clients for over 35 years. At a young age, I started working for a bank undertaking various clerical duties. Whilst I carried out clerical duties diligently, one day I was asked to sit in the banking hall as a client counselor. It felt very natural for me to help clients with their needs and I’ve been doing so ever since.

During my career, I have acquired extensive knowledge and experience in the wealth management & trust industry. I have held senior roles with several prestigious banks, including Rothschild & LGT. Even within a management role, I have always been passionate about client relationships and excellent customer service. In 2000 I was honored to be awarded Banker of Year.

Over the years, I have observed a power shift within the banking industry away from the client and their investment advisors. The standardization of the industry has accelerated to prioritize the preferences of the regulators and the shareholders. This trend often left me feeling conflicted and wondering where the client was on the list of priorities or the staff for that matter.

My instincts told me that there has to be a better way. I decided to develop a unique holistic approach to raise the standards of the industry and put the client back to the centre of wealth management & trust. It was not an easy feat, especially with a family to support. I am on a journey to be more spiritual and told myself that the future is always uncertain and we can choose to face it with fear or with faith. I chose faith and took the brave step of turning my dream into a reality.

I am currently Managing Director of Wealth Management Alliance Pte Ltd. I joined this multi-family office in Jan 2019 as a senior investment advisor to be fully aligned to clients, without conflicts of interest. Focusing on managing long-standing client relationships and tailoring bespoke solutions. We provide independent objective investment advice to clients bringing transparency on fees, simplicity of execution, and reduced costs. We advise on family offices and all types of investments for long-term wealth preservation and prudent growth.

In view of my experience in the trust industry and as a natural extension of being an independent investment advisor, I started holding the hands of long-standing clients with their succession planning needs. Legacy Wealth Advisors Pte Ltd was founded in 2020 in response to demand from wealthy families and their trusted advisors seeking highly professional independent advisors, professional protectors, and directors to support their succession planning.

After over 30 years in the industry, I felt there was a need to focus on more than monetary returns. For over a decade, I was the Managing Director of Rothschild’s Wealth Management business in Singapore and a director of Rothschild Trust, where I started to learn that wealth is about more than money.

In my view, wealth is about empowering individuals in all aspects of wellbeing to be in harmony with themselves, their family and the world around them. I am delighted to have aligned my areas of focus on wealth, succession, and wellness to provide families with an even more holistic offering. My area of expertise brings together wealth management to preserve and prudently grow wealth plus succession planning to create a smooth transition of wealth.

In 2020, via our group company The Life Academy Pte Ltd, we launched a Family Wellness Program to enhance relationships and to support the wellbeing of family members to ensure harmony through generations. We have come a long way but the story continues as Legacy Wealth Advisors helps more families. I would like to thank my loyal clients who have been on this journey with me and given their support and encouragement. I would also like to thank my beautiful family who has stood by me all the way.